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Whats Crackalakin

Shoutouts to the Homegirls

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These are all the homegirls that I love and that I'll have many fun memories with:)

Hey my lover what you been up to well I just wnted to tell you that I thank you for being a good friend and for always hearing what I got to say. Well I also thankyou  for being there whenI ned advice, or just need to tell my feelings to. Well I think it is a blessing from God that Ihad a chance to meet you and I know as much as I do. Well I know we will bw seprating to go to high school but just remember that I will always have you in my heart no matter wha I will charish are friendship. Well I'll talk to you latta. LOVE YOU !!!!%%
             Cecy A.K.A Goofy
     hey sexy what you been up to well  just wanted to tell a couple of things well they are that I thank you for being there when I need someone. Well I know we wont be seprating but we just got to be some good friends and be some bomass softball player. LOVE YOU!!!!%% 



Hey Diana what you been up to well how was Guatelmala well I hope it was good well I dont know what to write to you. Well talk to you latta(maybe)



            Debbie A.K.A Shorty
Hey Debbie what you been up to well whats up with you and Angel "shadow" (ha,ha,ha,) oh did you ever ask him about sqwuidward? oh yeah did you ever find the address for tio Victorr? Well I know you are my cousin but to me you are like a best friend I know we been throught bad things but like the song says (lo ce paso paso paso) (ha,ha,ha) well you get the point well  I just want to thankyou for being there for me. Well I got to go but not for long. LOVE YOU!!:)

Hey Mikey what you been up to as for me nothing much just living the good life. Well anyways I hope they let you go to Cecy Party well lets see when we all go take pic's together and then watch a movie.Well I going to let you go right now but talk to you latta. Luv you:) 

    Snow white
    Hey Snow white what you been up to well how are you doing oh so what do you do in your job that is more important than kicking it with us so any guys i your life WELL TALK TO YOU LATA. Luv you even tho you white.